Known as Belén

Sometimes you just want to hold onto things and not explain why.

Long awaited (by very few people BUT STILL) pictures of the new apartment, including closeups of what my parents call “the sad boys” :)

Note 1: No, this isn’t messy because I’m moving in. This is mess because it’s MY APARTMENT. Mess is its natural state, anything else is anxiety or anticipated guests.

Note 2: Those are actually two different bookshelves in two different rooms, I swear. I didn’t sent one up, take the picture, and then move it and put different stuff for the next picture.

Note 3: With the exception of the bookshelves, that furniture is 100% inherited. I apparently have the table (not pictured) my parents had when they were married. Good thing they didn’t foist off the microwave.

  • 9 April 2013